Lash Care


Taking proper care of your Jouska lashes, is the best way to ensure that they continue to look fabulous and that you get maximum wear out of them. We've put together some tips to help you!

  • Never apply mascara directly on your Jouska lashes as this can damage the quality of the hairs. If needed, apply mascara to your natural lashes before application.
  • Once there is a small build up of lash glue on the band (typically 2 - 5 uses), gently peel off using tweezers or your fingers. Be sure that you are only pulling on the glue and not the band when removing glue. 
  • All Jouska lashes are hand-made and so, it is important that you handle them with care. Always grasp your Jouska lashes from the lash band, not the hairs, whether you are removing from the packaging or from your eyes.
  • To maintain longevity and quality of your lashes, never soak your lashes in water or makeup remover.
  • Be sure to store your lashes in the original lash case and away from liquids.
  • Clean any makeup off your Jouska lashes with oil-free makeup remover. Using a Q-tip, gently dab and twirl as needed on affected areas of your lashes.
  • If your lashes get wet and lose their curl, you can use an eyelash curler to reshape them. You can also curl the lashes while they are applied on your eyes.